Institutional Analytics

  • 1. Institutional Analytics - Access

    To access the Institutional Analytics, log into your account. If you need to have Administrative Access added to your account, please email us from your university email so that we can verify your status as a faculty member or administrator. ... Learn More
  • 2. Usage Overview Data

    This page presents data from all registered users at the university. This information is usually of interest to Librarians or other Administrators. ... Learn More
  • 3. Student Usage by Course Subscription

    You can view student usage data organized by Course Subscription. - This is useful in cases where an institution has multiple Course Subscriptions.... Learn More
  • 4. Student Usage by Group PIN

    You can view student usage data organized by Group PIN. - This is useful for Professors who use **Group PINs to share Study Plans. - It is a helpful way to filter out data from Students who are not in your class. ... Learn More
  • 5. Aggregated Quiz Results

    See how your entire class did on each specific quiz question. This feature helps faculty focus on difficult learning areas for their students. ... Learn More