DITKI Classroom

  • 1. DITKI Classroom Features

    * Create, record, and share your own tutorials with our images or your own. * Edit our images. * Create and share assessments. * Get more out of online teaching. [Click to Try some of these features free, on the DITKI Whiteboard](https://drawittokno... Learn More
  • 2. How Do I Create Assessments?

    You can create assessments in the DITKI Classroom Drawing Pad or on the Whiteboard by selecting/uploading images and writing questions with the text tool. You can share these assessments with your students, live, or you can download them and post the... Learn More
  • 3. How can I present and modify DITKI tutorials for my class?

    You have several options! - You can use and modify our SVGs of individual images or the entire art board. - You can play our videos, but mute the narration and present the information yourself. - You can add your own images diagrams to the canvas to ... Learn More
  • 4. How do I record and share my Presentations or Tutorials?

    You can easily record and download your presentations or tutorials to share with your students! Just click the microphone icon on the vertical toolbar, and follow the prompts! [Watch a short instructional video](https://vimeo.com/448977407) ... Learn More